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Overwhelmed with choices?

There's so many options for quoting and proposal tools that it's hard to know which one is right for you.  We're here to make that decision easier.

QuoteWerks has been developed and refined for over  22 years and is used by over  75,000  users worldwide.

Companies initially consider QuoteWerks based on our reputation,  affordability, real-time/product content functionality, CRM/PSA integrations, QuickBooks integration, and our detailed and flexible output.  Customers continue to love Quotewerks because of the accessibility, the high levels of customizations that you can create, the resources provided, and the level of support they receive.

With over 75,000 Users in 101 countries QuoteWerks is the Market Leading sales quoting and proposal solution.  What really sets QuoteWerks apart is it's turn key implementation, affordable pricing, legendary phone support, and most importantly the  55 integrations with CRM, Accounting, Distributors, FedEx/UPS, Leasing, Sales Tax, Microsoft Word, Dell, Cisco, HP, CDW, NewEgg, Provantage, Staples, and more.  QuoteWerks is used by companies in almost every industry and by companies of all sizes.
  Price Do the math, many apps express pricing as monthly but charge you for 12 months at a time. We mostly charge you an upfront price to purchase the software, rather than requiring you pay us forever to use our software. We also don't require commitments, some quoting tools require you to commit to a 2 or 3 year monthly contract.


  Phone Support

Real, genuine, helpful people you can speak with on the phone. Customers love us because the accessibility of our staff.

Many quoting/proposal tools don't even list a phone number on their website to contact them for anything. When you're in the middle of your day and encounter some kind of problem, it is just unacceptable to have to send an email for support and just wait indefinitely for help that may never come. If you like to learn on your own, we have a detailed help file and over 144 videos.


  Feature Sets (Solutions)

CRM Integrations

QuoteWerks integrates with the leading CRM web apps. It also integrates with the leading Desktop based CRMs (like ACT!, Outlook, Outlook BCM, GoldMine, SalesLogix, and QuickBooks) which web apps cannot do.

If you already store your customers/contacts in something (usually a CRM), QuoteWerks can use that information. Web apps cannot integrate with ACT!, Outlook, Outlook BCM, GoldMine, SalesLogix, or QuickBooks (for contacts).

Distributor Integrations

If this is something you need, there are only a handful of quoting tools that can do this.

QuickBooks Integration

If you need to integrate with the desktop version of QuickBooks, there are only a handful of quoting tools that can do this.

Advanced Printing - Quote/Proposal Output

QuoteWerks creates a detailed and flexible output. Don't settle for cookie-cutter forms that offer no customization.

Creating Purchase Orders and receiving against them

Many quoting/proposal tools functionality stops with the quote. QuoteWerks continues on and enables you to do the purchasing of the items you've quoted, and even track the receiving of the items.



Robust Features While a Ferrari and a VW Bug are both cars. They can both claim to be cars and they both have the basic elements required to be a car, however the robustness of their elements are wildly different. The same concept applies to quoting and proposal software. You can create basic quotes in Excel and QuickBooks, but they are very basic. Many quoting tools are basic and do little more than what Excel or QuickBooks already does. QuoteWerks is the market leader because it provides many advanced solutions in a turn-key package.


  Web vs Desktop

Both have their merits, and the best choice for you depends on your needs and priorities. Some features and integrations simply are not available in quoting/proposing tools that ONLY have a web based product. QuoteWerks has both a web based and desktop based product.

It really comes down to your needs, if you use a desktop based CRM or Accounting Solution, then a web based quoting app is not an option.



Still not sure if QuoteWerks is right for you?  Visit our  testimonials and reviews pages to see what others are saying about QuoteWerks or give us a call at  904-309-6300 x102 to speak with one of our product specialists.

Find out how much time and money you can save with QuoteWerks today!

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