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Quotewerks - Pricing

QuoteWerks Price List

How does your pricing generally work?

QuoteWerks is a one-time purchase product, not subscription based. The licensing  is based on concurrent users and is offered in three editions. We do have add-ons.  The Real-time Module is a one time fee,  Product  Content service is an annual subscription per user, and our  QuoteValet service is an annual or monthly subscription per user. Annual  update maintenance is  generally not required.

QuoteWerks Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of QuoteWerks is a great sales tool that is used by customers in almost every industry, and is the base QuoteWerks package that includes the links to contact management software such as ACT!™, GoldMine®, Maximizer, Outlook®, Outlook BCM, salesforce.com®, SugarCRM, and TeleMagic®. Links to ACT! For Web, Autotask, ConnectWise, MS Dynamics CRM and SalesLogix are available in the Corporate Edition only.  

The number of QuoteWerks licenses is based on concurrent usage so while you may have 5 users using it, you may only need to purchase 2 licenses. 


QuoteWerks Professional Edition

In addition to the features of the Standard Edition package, the Professional Edition adds the ability to link to a variety of external product data sources including any ODBC compliant data source (such as MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, etc.), Ingram Micro®, SYNNEX, Tech Data®, QuickBooks®, and salesforce.com®.  Additionally, the Professional Edition includes the accounting links to QuickBooks®, Peachtree®, and the Open Export Module. This Edition also includes quote synchronization functionality.  

The number of QuoteWerks licenses is based on concurrent usage so while you may have 5 users using it, you may only need to purchase 2 licenses. 


QuoteWerks Corporate Edition

The Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks includes all the features of the Standard and Professional Editions and adds support for hosting the data on a Microsoft® SQL backend database. The Corporate Edition includes the ability to integrate with ACT! for Web, Autotask, ConnectWise, MS  Dynamics CRM and SalesLogix® contact managers in addition to the other contact management software.  The Corporate Edition also includes quote synchronization functionality as with the Professional Edition. Additionally, the Corporate Edition includes the "Rollout" functionality that rolls out product and other non-quote related information to remote installations such as laptops. Corporate Edition pricing does not include Microsoft SQL Server licensing. Benefits of the SQL backend using the Corporate Edition.  

The number of QuoteWerks licenses is based on concurrent usage so while you may have 5 users using it, you may only need to purchase 2 licenses. 

Prices are in USD.
Competitive upgrades available. Contact for eligibility.
User count is based on concurrent licensing.
When purchasing additional licenses customers will receive volume discounts based on their total  number of licenses.


QuoteWerks Edition Upgrade Pricing

If you currently own licenses of one of the Editions of QuoteWerks and would like to switch to a different edition, you need only pay the price difference between the Editions (as long as your maintenance program UMP is current).  Please contact a Matt for details by phone at 904-309-6315.


Competitive Upgrade Pricing

If you are switching from a competing quoting solution, you may qualify for competitive upgrade discount pricing.  Please contact a Matt for details by phone at 904-309-6315.


QuoteWerks Modules

QuoteWerks Real-time Data Module

This Real-time Data Module enables users to retrieve real-time pricing and availability from Accutech Data, Arbitech, Bell Micro, BlueStar, D&H, Dexxxon Digital Storage, Digitek, Ingram Micro, Northamber, Printer Essentials, Supercom, SYNNEX, Tech Data, Westcoast, and more.  You can also place electronic orders with Distributors from within QuoteWerks. Order items from a single order or combine items from multiple QuoteWerks orders into a single D&H, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, or Tech Data order. The Real-time Module can also provide Real-time Product Content, a Tax Rate lookup service for US  postal codes, and Shipping Rates for FedEx and UPS. This module can be used with all editions of QuoteWerks.

Prices are in USD.
License count is based on "reserved concurrency" licensing. 


QuoteWerks Product Content Subscription (powered by Etilize)

The QuoteWerks Product Content Subscription (powered by Etilize) is an add-on to the Real-time Module that enables users in the  IT and AV industries to create content rich documents and more. This subscription can be used with all editions of QuoteWerks.

USA, Canada, and Australia




Prices are in USD.
Real-time Licenses are required.
License count must match the Real-time License Count.
This is an annual subscription.


QuoteValet Subscription

QuoteValet is the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks. QuoteValet is a more robust way to deliver quotes to your customers and prospects. QuoteValet Mobile and QuoteValet Web are included free with your  QuoteValet Subscription. This subscription can be used with all editions of QuoteWerks.  

Prices are in USD.
License count is based on daily maximum number of unique users. 
This is a monthly subscription.
Requires current UMP during subscription.

QuoteValet discounted annual non-refundable subscriptions are also available.

QuoteWerks Maintenance


Updates/Maintenance Pricing

Before or after your free update period has expired, you may purchase an Update Maintenance Program to receive additional product updates and upgrades.

QuoteWerks Services


Accelerated Implementation   Service™

QuoteWerks has been designed to be easy to use and setup. Even though that is the case, as with all systems, you need to spend some time learning its capabilities and getting up to speed on how best to use it. With this service, a QuoteWerks team member can accelerate this process for you, helping you with the initial setup of QuoteWerks and its integrations (CRM/Accounting/etc), to get you up and running by the conclusion of the service. This comprehensive accelerated setup takes less than 3 hours and is performed through a scheduled appointment.


Accelerated Implementation Services are scheduled in advance and are only available as resources permit.

Accelerated Implementation Service™ Price: $350 


Proficiency Booster Session™

(for   existing customers) Often, we hear from customers "I know that there is all sorts of stuff QuoteWerks can do that I just don't know about". When customers come to our training classes here in Orlando, FL, at the end of the day they say "I've been using QuoteWerks for years and never knew it could do that."
To address this, we offer Proficiency Booster Sessions. In one of these sessions, we remote into your machine and watch you use QuoteWerks. Then, in real-time we suggest how you can better use QuoteWerks by taking advantage of all its features resulting in time savings that make you more efficient and effective.
We only offer this service to existing customers that already setup QuoteWerks and have been using it a while. Why? Well, we can only suggest improvement over your current process if you already have a process in place. In order to get the most out of this session, you need to have a real quote to create so that we can see exactly the real process you go through in creating your quote.
The Proficiency Booster Sessions are sixty minutes (60) per session. Proficiency Booster Sessions are scheduled in advance and are only available as resources permit.

Proficiency Boost Session™ Price: $100 / hr


QuoteWerks Sales Rep Training

The Sales Rep training is focused on getting sales reps up to speed on how to use QuoteWerks.  It focuses on how to use QuoteWerks rather than how to setup and configure QuoteWerks. This training is perfect for onboarding new sales team members. The Sales Rep Training is a webinar led session that consists of 2 hours of meeting time delivered in a single 2 hour session.  You can have up to 25 sales reps on the webinar during the single 2 hour session. There will be an accompanying training syllabus sent out in advance to the Sales Reps so that they can follow along during the training session.  The 2 hour session ends with a 30 minute Q&A slot to reinforce what they have learned.


Sales Rep Training Services are scheduled in advance and are only available as resources permit.

Sales Rep Training Price: $200 


Professional Services

Our Professional Services are designed as an extension to our Technical Support.
The scope of QuoteWerks Technical Support is limited to answering questions as to the functionality of QuoteWerks, how to use features, general installation support, and trouble-shooting when QuoteWerks is thought to be the cause of the problem.
For customers that need more than answers to specific questions, we offer our  Professional Services.

The Professional Services team will walk customers  through a step-by-step process, if required, to create a solution for the  customer. Such assistance will be offered for projects such as layout design,  report design, report formulas, cover letter design, literature documents  design, scripting, QuoteValet customizations, product database setup, and more.  Web and phone based training is also offered.

Professional Services are scheduled by appointment and are only available as resources permit.  All services offered will be through phone,  remote session, or email. No onsite assistance is available.

Professional Services Price: $100 / hr (non-QuoteValet) or $150 / hr (QuoteValet  Customizations)



Return Policy

There is a 30-day money  back guarantee from the date of purchase on QuoteWerks licenses that have not been registered. Licenses  only need to be registered by the 30th day of use, so the customer has up to 30 days  to determine if they would like to return the license(s).  

Edition Upgrades, Maintenance, Etilize subscriptions, and QuoteValet annual  subscriptions are non-refundable (unless all purchased together in the initial  purchase, within 30 days of original purchase, and licenses are not registered). Please contact a sales  representative for additional information regarding product returns.

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