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Virtual Site Manager– Video Analytics

Virtual Site Manager and Panasonic 360 software solutions can be combined, redesigned and customized to meet the specific needs and objectives.



Speed of Service – Video Analytics

Virtual Site Manager™ and Panasonic 360 Analyzer integrate POS and video technologies into a single, secure approach to protecting assets and SOS Video Analytics front end solution. These products provide SOS, visual tagging, people counting, service dwell times and sales intelligence backed by current and historical visual verification HD surveillance footage for every location, through one simple, powerful application.  

Equipment necessary to support this solution includes a specially outfitted Panasonic Network Video Recorder and an on-site data appliance, software solutions, digital 24/7 display, Toughpad G1/CF-54 Toughbook and a single high resolution camera for visual data collection. All these products are currently in operation, installed and are in use on a worldwide basis. Each device already meets respective geographical, electrical and language requirements and can carry a Panasonic on-site warranty.

Operators will be able to stay on top of SOS operations on-site or remote live High Definition view. Operators will be able to review transactions and video side-by-side with full resolution clarity; maintain legally-admissible videos and order logs; investigate suspicious transactions; and keep tabs on a single restaurant or thousands.

Securely logging on to the Virtual Site Manager-360 dashboard from practically anywhere will allow real-time viewing of critical data such as transaction speeds, sales volumes and inventory levels for single or multiple locations. The resulting access to HD footage from every camera can be cross-referenced with your POS system, in an easy-to-search archive. Finding footage of an event takes a few clicks — instead of hours of scrubbing though tape. Receive alerts via email or text message; review transactions and surveillance footage on your laptop.  



Other Business Intelligence data collection opportunities include “statistical people counting” with “age and gender judgement”. The number of detected human faces can be displayed on a statistical chart separated by age and gender for a specific day or specific time period. Age distribution groups are displayed by separate colors. Statistical data can be saved as a CSV file on SDHC/SD memory card or downloaded to an authorized PC connected over the network. Faces are processed at a rate of four [4] per second.

This system can also improve quality and performance across marketing, operations and customer service.

Panasonic 360 Viewing 


As an enterprise grade video analytical and business intelligence solution, Panasonic 360 was developed to provide food service operators with visual based marketing intelligence. This solution provides real-time analysis tagging customer with preformatted coded statistical data. The complete customer experience is analyzed and tagged.

In the example on the left, the 114 represents the 114th person, the 34 is the time spent in the “orange service box”, the three other numbers relate to pre-determined collected statistical data. Stats that determine dwell time, service times and numerous other available customer based statistics/data are customized into the software. SOS separate stats are gathered when the tagged customer enters a designated geo-fenced area such as the wait line, order areas, activating service metrics and order process verification.

These stats can include the capture of service time, order time, order size, speed of service and numerous other demographical data. The system is also capable of overlaying the actual order detail for future analysis. Colors are keyed to refer to specific information or alarms. Alarms can be transmitted via SMS or email.



Features -

Senior management

  • Shrinkage reduction
  • Virtual around-the-clock monitoring
  • Employee communication


  • Product placement analysis
  • Merchandising

 Human Resources

  • Training verification
  • Dress code compliance
  • Behavior management
  • Employee retention

 Risk management

  •  60-degree view of purchase transactions
  • Access to all key areas of the store


  •  Inventory check-in and control


  • Payroll and validation
  • Transaction substantiation
  • Inventory verification




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