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Food Services Security Solutions - Integrated security technology that protects your property and your bottom line.


Providing a safe and secure environment for your staff and customers is critical to your success, as is protecting property, assets and ultimately profits. That's why it makes perfect sense to invest in a video surveillance and security system that can also integrate with and enhance your overall business operations. A Panasonic video surveillance and security solution can increase your technology ROI — and even help generate higher profits.


Panasonic Integrated Restaurant Technology Solutions

In addition to improving overall safety and security, Panasonic video surveillance and security systems can help reduce your exposure to liability, improve customer satisfaction, monitor traffic patterns and maintain overall best practices across multiple business operations. Our industry-leading video surveillance and security solutions integrate with our extensive portfolio of business systems — including Panasonic POS workstations, ruggedized tablets, drive-thru communications, digital signage displays and more. Panasonic's unique ability to integrate these previously disparate technologies provides a true business advantage to improve overall transaction management, daily operations and customer satisfaction.


Panasonic Video Surveillance Technology Drives The Solution

Whether you run an IP, analog or hybrid platform, we can design an integrated system for you, with video surveillance at the core. Customized solutions include system consultation and engineering support, plus integration of hardware and software from our large pool of distinguished technology partners. Panasonic will help define the best system components for you, including video management, analytics and interoperable systems such as access control and alarm systems.


Panasonic has the unique ability to bring you what other providers cannot — video surveillance and security solutions that integrate with core restaurant technologies. We offer a wide range of products that can live on your network and work together with our video surveillance solutions, including:
  • Point-of-Sale solutions
  • IP phone systems
  • Digital signage
  • Education/training systems
  • Ruggedized tablet order-taking systems


Only Panasonic offers seamless integration and interoperability of enterprise level technology solutions for restaurant operations, along with scalability to expand your customized system when needed. And Panasonic manufactures solutions designed for cost-efficiency. Our vision is also focused on the environment, with green manufacturing practices that reduce waste, materials usage and raw materials consumption. Even more, you'll have a single point of contact for all your needs.


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