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WV-ASF900 FacePro™ Facial Search and Recognition System:

Providing advanced age and gender analytics reporting as well as the ability to set flexible alarm triggers on matches using live cameras, Panasonic’s server-based facial recognition and matching platform enables high-speed facial search and improved matching capabilities on video from Panasonic i-PRO Cameras utilizing the Best Shot/Face Detection option.  With new software enhancements, the WV-ASF900 FacePro Facial Search and Recognition System delivers high-speed, high-capacity face search capabilities while dramatically reducing server-processing loads and lowering overall system impact to the network. Boasting real-time face matching capable of supporting up to 20 cameras per server, FacePro can execute high-speed searches of up to 5,000 “known” registered faces on both live and recorded video. Each server can store 10 million detected face images depending on the configuration. The FacePro server-based facial recognition and matching platform is ideal for campus environments, airport, and transit/public safety applications.

WV-ASF900 Key Features

Add-on face matching function: Add the face matching function by simply adding the necessary devices and the software
Can be connected up to 20 cameras on a server.
  Face search
Face images that camera detected are stored, and it can be searched later.
By searching the face DB, you can display the result of each cameras in chronological order and find movement locus of persons.
Specify camera or date in detected face images and display the result in the list in similarity order.
  Face Matching
When it is matched with registered people, alarm of face matching is output in real-time, and display an alarm history in the list.
Specified screen image can be played back on control monitor with double-clicking on an alarm history.
  People counting, Age and Gender Statistics
Count people of detected face and evaluate their age and gender
Display the result on the screen with statistical graph
The statistical data can be saved as a CSV file for analytical use.

 WV-ASF900 Description

 The Panasonic Facial Recognition Solution

Panasonic's new server, WV-ASF900, offers the possibility to run facial  recognition in an IP Security System. Due to the implemented Panasonic technology in both the cameras and server, it  is possible to have accurate information on who is accessing your dependencies.  In addition, you can receive information for marketing analysis such as people  counting, age information and gender evaluation.

The WV-ASF900 is suitable for any new installation that requires a high level of  security or where accurate information of who is accessing the building is  necessary. You can receive the information from several cameras, from different  sites at the same time and collect all the information in real time.

Highlights and Benefits

The WV-ASF900 server can be implemented in any current Panasonic IP installation  to enhance any former installations. The resources for face matching are split  between the camera and the server which means the server can work with up to 20  cameras at the same time. Face matching is done in real time and the operator  can easily access the recorded images that are related to that face by using the  GUI integrated in the current Panasonic monitoring software - WV-ASM200 and  WV-ASM970 in combination with WV-ASE231. In addition, the server acts as a powerful marketing tool with people counting  and age and gender recognition capabilities. This is done with a high level of  accuracy using a combination of the best shots taken from the Panasonic cameras  and the face technology in the server site. Up to 5 million faces can be  registered and it is possible to search 5 million faces in 3 seconds.




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